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Decontamination and Decommissioning of Licensed Facilities

Pacific Radiation Corporation has had extensive experience decontaminating beta/gamma as well as transuranic alpha contaminated facilities. We maintain a complete inventory of alpha, beta and gamma contamination survey meters, have in store a wide variety of decontamination tools including pneumatic scabbling equipment for concrete surfaces and we are equipped with a complete supply of protective clothing and respiratory protective devices such as supplied air suits.

Field Surveys

Pacific Radiation Corporation maintains an impressive complement of survey meters designed to measure radiation levels from alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides, neutron radiation fields and concentrations of radioactive gases or particulates in air. Our capabilities include a portable multichannel pulse height analyzer for on-site identification of gamma emitting sources. We have wide experience in the identification of unknown radioactive materials under field conditions.

Health Physics Consulting

Dr. Gollnick, our Certified Health Physicist, is available for radiation safety problem solving. He has assisted numerous organizations in obtaining their Radioactive Materials License and has worked with many licensees to overcome program deficiencies that resulted in violations or revoked licenses.

Radiation Safety Training

In addition to the Self Study Course described elsewhere in this site, we offer on-site live training classes, customized to meet your needs. These vary from an off-the-shelf half day general employee radiation safety class up through our 40 hour NRRPT preparation class.